Convert leads into clients.


Hey there, I’m Diana!

I’m your go-to person for operationalizing your business with CRM systems, I just may be the most process-oriented, flow chart-obsessed person you’ll ever meet!

I have a strong passion for helping my clients with full-cycle CRM implementation, managed services, and VIP Days.

It’s my mission to help businesses like yours transform their CRM processes because I’ve seen first-hand the way it can seamlessly drive efficiencies across all aspects of your business.

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My journey into technology started during my first job after college as an executive assistant. The VP of the company I worked for wanted to know the state of the business at all times, so he invested in a CRM. 

This was great news for me. As his executive assistant, I had been manually creating and updating reports in a large spreadsheet that was on the verge of crashing at any time! 

And, fortunately, I was tasked with implementing it across the business.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. 

  • No more confusion over how to qualify leads or onboard clients.
  • No more wondering which sales team member was assigned to which task.
  • No more struggling to access and analyze sales performance reports. 

I had successfully optimized each business unit with CRM efficiency, automation, and insights — and the results were immediately noticeable.

I’d already obtained my MBA. And very soon after, I also obtained my Salesforce certification.

Will you be my next happy customer?

I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of companies, from small law firms and real estate companies to large organizations such as GoDaddy and higher education institutions.